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Minimal information only is sought to protect your privacy which is relevant for Tax computations viz Place of Residence as Metro/Non Metro, Gender and Age as each of these data points influence your tax computations.

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Most Tax Payers reckon their taxes either in the month of March or while filing their tax returns. March to figure if they can make some tax saving investments and tax filing to meet the tax deadline. From this Financial Year 2020-21, you are advised to plan your taxes well before so that you manage your finances better and Resolve My Tax helps you be self reliant and be in control of your own data and taxes. Planning your own taxes also calls for having your data ready so that you complete all your tax computations in one go, although you can do so in more than one round as the data you have entered is saved in draft mode and you can pick the thread from where last left off.


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The records useful to make your Annual estimate are Latest Payslip, Previous Year Form 16, Your CTC Structure document or Your Company Compensation policy document, House Rent paid etc.
House Property
Your current rental monthly income, Municipal Tax Receipt, EMI Schedule of Interest payable on Housing Loan for the current financial year.
Business Income
Your estimated Taxable Income, the computation of your Business or Profession Income would need to be done offline taking into account provisions of Section 28 to Sec 44. Only your net Taxable Business Income to be entered.
Capital Gains
This section covers estimated Capital Gains / Losses, both Short Term and Long Terms as also for different Asset classes as the capital gains taxes is influenced by asset class, tenure of holding and acquisition cost indexation as also reinvestment planned in the case of House Property sale.
Other Sources
This cover Bank Interest, Savings or Fixed Deposits or any other type of Income not covered in the other sections which is taxable

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